Manifest VERVERIPEN, PRIDE 2018 (english)

vervelogoAmare ververipen si amare barbalipen. Our diversity is our richness. This is our organization’s motto. We are Roma and gadje people whose work is aimed at achieving respect towards diversity. We fight against homogenization, colonization and intolerance, not only in the majority society but also among our Roma people.

Roma sexual dissidents often face daily multiple forms of discrimination, mistreatment or are made to be invisible and this makes it difficult for us to achieve our goals of equity, respect and empowerment. We have even ended up becoming anonymous dead due to LGBTIA phobia, silenced by the shame of our families or the invisibility of our Roma ethnicity. Sometimes we end up in an arranged marriage as an attempt to “shut up mouths”.

We face oblivion by the movements of sexual liberation arising from the “officiality” of the majority society. We face both the societal prejudices and stereotypes that confine us and limit us and we face the rejection by an important part of our ethnic group. Your Roma phobia and anti-gypsyism makes us invisible and it kills us physically and/or psychically. Homophobia and false ethnic identity labeling based on prejudices kills us off.

In Ververipen we claim our right to an inclusive, intersectional, decolonized, feminist, multiple and free Roma identity. One of the great values of our culture is freedom (Mestipen), we must be coherent with the values that we take pride in and make them worthy within our own communities.

Our people are a diverse people. We are powerful as People because we live collectively. We have survived as a group because we both sympathize and we defend those among us most unprotected. The weakest link of our People is the one who suffers multiple forms of discrimination.

Contrary to the sexual dissidence movements that arises in the majority society, we are witnessing a dangerous spread of the extreme right, homo-nationalism and neo-liberalism that is prejudiced towards all our tribes – the poor, mestizo, undocumented, and/or economic or political refugees of the system. If this dangerous spread is not stopped then all the years of dissent, the beatings, insults, murders and incarcerations while fighting for the inherent rights and values of the “others” will have been in vain.

We do not want to stand against our allies. We seek to create a synergy based on equality, empathy and mutual respect so as to establish a discourse and form a solidarity that will mature while taking advantage of the advances we will achieve. This is to be one that will break with colonialism and offer a more intersectional vision of diversity.

My Roma People Na San Kokorré – You are not alone!

T’aves baxtale thaj na bistar, amare ververipen si amare barbalipen!! Opre Romano them, opre romalen.”



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